Please join us for the St. Patrick Church Reopening Celebration Mass (Bilingual)

Thursday, November 10, 6:00 PM


Church Ceiling Repair Update:
Big news: we have achieved our fundraising goal so the church restoration will be completed!!!
Amazing achievement. Congratulations and thanks to all who contributed!
Second collections will continue to support additional restoration projects like carpets and window fixes.
Thanks again for your continued generosity!
Please visit our webpage for information on fundraising information, events and ways you can help.



Covid-19 Vaccination News

We have given out over 1,000 Covid vaccinations so far at St. Patrick’s. 

 If you haven’t gotten your Covid Vaccination yet, please do so as soon as possible.  The Pope said that this is an act of charity to the people around you.

 Use the phone number or URL below.  The other places do not ask for any more personal information than we did at St. Patrick’s.

 If you received your first Covid vaccination on June 25th at St. Patrick’s, you should get your second Pfizer Covid Immunization between July 16 and August 6th.

 After July 6th, call 1-800-232-0233 or Go to this URL

Select a site that shows it has Pfizer vaccine in stock. (The site might be a pharmacy, a store, a church or a health center.  Pick a convenient one.) Double click on that site and you will see more detail.


Important Notice – 2/27/21

Until further notice, the Church will remain closed while repairs are made to the ceiling.

Father Gus will celebrate the regular Mass schedule in the Church Hall (basement).

Stay masked and socially distant.  Be aware of reduced occupancy limits.  Please plan attendance or remote viewing accordingly.

Masses are streamed live on Saturdays and available for live or recorded viewing here, and on our Facebook page.



HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Pennsylvania is strengthening its mask mandate and will require out-of-state travelers to test negative for the coronavirus before arrival, health officials announced Tuesday, taking additional steps to address a sharp increase in infections and hospitalizations.

Masks are now required indoors wherever people from different households are gathered — even if they are physically distant, the state health secretary, Dr. Rachel Levine, said Tuesday. The state said the order applies to every indoor facility, including private homes….


Mass Recordings 

We encourage public safety by offering Daily and Sunday Masses via the internet.  Masses can be viewed by following the link on this webpage or on our Facebook Page.

Sunday Mass

We are open with our regular Mass schedule for Saturday and Sunday–Saturday 4 pm English; 6 pm Spanish; Sunday 8 am Spanish; 10 am English; 12 pm Spanish.  Masks and social distancing mandatory.

Greetings! Bienvenidos a todos!

As you can see from our Mission Statement, we at St. Patrick believe that as God’s people, we are called: “to bring the transforming love of our Triune God to those around us.” “llevar el amor transformante de la Trinidad a los que nos rodean.”

We at St.Patrick are in awe and in love with God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Therefore, we accept the gift of God’s love, the Eucharist/la Eucaristia whose power can convert us and transform the world.

At St. Patrick we celebrate and share the love of God in so many ways. Most importantly, we celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in English y en español. People from all walks of life—every age, race, color, background, economic status and language gather for Mass each weekend to share in the great love of Christ. We recognize the rich diversity of our parish that gathers for the Eucharist and then we strive to bring God to our families, neighbors, Norristown and even to the rest of the world. United in God’s love and strengthened by the sacraments we are all sent forth by the power of the Eucharist to reach out to all in the Norristown area. Our ministries include Faith Formation classes for children and adults. There is a very active Youth Group for middle school to high school parishioners. ‘Disciples in Mission’ is a wonderful Bible Study group for adults. There are English Classes for our recently arrived brothers and sisters from Mexico and other countries abroad. A Parish Nurse directs a program for the sick and there are visits by Eucharistic Ministers to Montgomery Hospital and area nursing homes on a regular basis. There is a great Ministry of Consolation and of course, there is a huge Circulo de Oracion, our Hispanic prayer group. We also work closely with many agencies in the Norristown area to offer a variety of educational and informational opportunities to those in need.

Throughout the year we as a parish celebrate our diversity with many events, like the Irish Festival, Mexican Independence Day, Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe and Soul Food Sunday. We all come together to make our Christmas Bazaar a huge success and for the Parish Feast Day we share an international meal.

As pastor of this wonderful, welcoming community I invite all to take a closer look at our web-site, In fact, I encourage all to come and visit us, celebrate the Eucharist with us, experience the warmth of God’s love that we all experience together as brothers and sisters in Christ. I invite you to join us, to become a member of this vibrant parish. Please plan to come to know and experience God’s love for all as revealed in the person of Jesus Christ. We look forward to welcoming you to St. Patrick and hoping that you will join us in loving God and our neighbors.

May God bless you and your family!

Que Dios les bendiga a usted y toda su familia!

En Cristo, Padre Gus